Electrostatics images

These pictures are created by Equipotential surfaces software. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

You can GET ALL of this pictures at once by downloading : All_pics.zip (183 KB)

3D Equipotential surfaces:

Description Thumbnail Thumbnail (with no surface)

Two same Point charges

twosame3d.jpg (28968 bytes)

twosame3dnosurface.gif (3355 bytes)

Two opposite point charges (5 and -1)

twodiffneg3d.jpg (31637 bytes)

twodiff-3d-no-surface.gif (4377 bytes)

A Point and an unlimited linear charge

Point-and-line-3d-surface.jpg (31095 bytes)

Point-and-line-no-surface.gif (7672 bytes)

Other 3D pictures:

A snapshot of program with topographical electric potential and E field lines.

topography of electric field potential of electrostatics

A snapshot of program with conductive sphere , point charge and E field lines. electric field lines in 3d space

2D pictures :

Description Thumbnail
Electric field Lines for a positive charges near a grounded conductor sphere

e lines of a charge and conductive sphere

Positive charge near a Di Electric boundary

electrostatics e lines of a charge and di electric

Two parallel opposite page charges

electric field of a capacitor, electromagnetism

Four quadrangular charges

e lines of four charges

Equilateral linear charges

electric field lines (e lines) of charged triangle, electromagnetism

Routes of projectile positive charges with different distances

route of scattered charge because electric field

Colored E field value for three charges

equipotential surfaces

Colored E potential for three charges

electric potential and equipotential surfaces of electromagnetism


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